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Due to the system that allows people to receive vaccines if they take the Korea SAT mock test, more people are applying for vaccines.

A famous academy instructor pointed this out.

She used the word “lack of common sense” and said, “Don’t try to exploit loopholes of system”.

However, it sounds funny that the collaborator of the private education market, which is growing by sucking the blood of teenagers in the OECD’s №1 teenage suicide rate, said such a thing.

Isn’t it the instructors who built wealth by taking advantage of the loopholes of system in Korean education policy?

Hannah Arendt talked about the “Banality of evil“ after attending Eichmann’s trial.

I think I’m seeing Eichmann getting angry at the court again.

from TED2006 : Do schools kill creativiy?

We are all victims of Heuristics.

Unfortunately, we are.

Heuristics is used to gain efficiency by simplifying the process of concluding. To judge a person, you have to talk for a long time and observe what they do and think in various situations.

It’s not just people.

To accurately determine a situation or event, all information must be collected and the relationship between the information must be identified.

But if we do everything this way, our heads will explode.

So is society.

Those under 18 cannot vote, but those over 18 can vote. …


Univ student, Majoring Computer Engineering

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