Education kills creativity, Ken Robinson’s TED speech

We are all victims of Heuristics.

Unfortunately, we are.

Heuristics is used to gain efficiency by simplifying the process of concluding. To judge a person, you have to talk for a long time and observe what they do and think in various situations.

It’s not just people.

To accurately determine a situation or event, all information must be collected and the relationship between the information must be identified.

But if we do everything this way, our heads will explode.

So is society.

Those under 18 cannot vote, but those over 18 can vote. The society determined the mental age of adults is 18 years old.

However, in our lives, we meet someone who is more than three times older than 18 but thinks like a newborn.

On the contrary, we meet children who are less than 10 years old but are more reasonable than most adults.

Society does not consider these variables. This is because social costs are enormous if they try to consider variables.

The problem Ken Robinson is talking about at Ted starts here. They killed variables to produce the most efficient results.

In education, it’s creativity.

All the things we’ve been in awe of and amazed about, the things that have completely changed our lives because of new and inventive, and the things we’ve enjoyed and been happy about have been created through creativity.

Therefore, I hope our society to think more about the things that have been dismissed as variables.



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